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What kind of valve will work best for me?

-The type of balloon filler you need will depend on how fast you need to blow up the balloons and what type of balloons you are using.
-If you are needing to blow up balloons quickly, you may want to rent or purchase the Dual Speed Valve. If you need to blow up lots of mylars, you may like the Mylar Tip Valve. If you just need to blow up latex balloons, the Economy or Deluxe Valve will work for you.
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Do I have to have Safety Equipment?

-Yes, it is required by law that your helium tank is strapped up or chained up. It must be on a dolly, stand or wallmount. You can be fined if you do not mount the helium tank.
What equipment can make me faster?

-The Dual Speed Valve is a regulator that blows up balloons off of a helium tank about 3 times faster than a regular filler.
-A 4 Tip Air Machine allows you to blow up 2 balloons at a time AND have someone else working with you at the same time.
-A Ribbon Rack can help you prep your bouquet weights quickly. You can fill up the rack with many ribbon and then pull all the ribbon at once and cut them at the same time and then tie them to your weight.
-A Dolly will help you move your tank around safely and quickly.

How long will it take to receive my equipment?

-Most equipment is kept in stock and ready to ship or deliver. If you are in Southern California, we will deliver to you on our regularly scheduled delivery date for your area (unless you call with an emergency). If you are Nationwide, the equipment usually ships within a day or two of you placing your order, and then the items travel by UPS Ground. If you need the equipment faster, please call us directly for your order instead of using the Paypal buttons on our site.
I think my valve is leaking, how do I fix it?

-If you hear a hissing sound coming from your balloon filler, it may be leaking. We have replacement parts that you can order, we also have a Troubleshooting guide and video. Many parts on the valves wear out over time. One part that needs to be replaced every few years is the O-ring. The O-ring seals off the pressure between the valve and helium tank.
Can I get Set-Up on account for payment?

-If you are an established business in Southern California, we will usually set you up on a Net 30 account. You must fill out a New Customer Form in order to be on account.

-If you are a new business or calling for personal use, we usually ask for payment upon delivery.
What forms of payment does It's A Gas take?

-It's A Gas takes Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX. We also take checks and cash.

-We offer Paypal through our website.

-We also offer a Net 30 to businesses. If we set you up on a Net 30, we accept check as payment.
I'm looking for a particular part or piece of equipment that I don't see on the website. Can you help me?

-We have access to thousands of replacement parts for the balloon regulators. We also carry many other items that are specific to the balloon professional's world. Please give us a call at 909-982-3301 and describe what you need to one of our representatives and we will offer you a quote.
What can I expect upon delivery from It's A Gas?

-Our drivers will dolly the tank into your location and show you how to operate the valve. You will be responsible for mounting the tank (we sell wallmounts, dollies and stands and can show you how they easily install).

-It's A Gas drivers will take you through the process of using the tank properly, safety, and how to blow up the balloons. We can also show you basic, fun balloons designs to help you stand out! Ask us about the balloon flower or watch how to make it right now!
I need my equipment repaired, what do I do?

-All the equipment It's A Gas sells comes with a 1 year warranty. You can call us at 909-982-3301 if you need to get a replacement part or need help with repairing equipment. We do also offer on-site repair to our Southern California customers.
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